When mom didn’t want to do something, she knew she had to; she would say this,“What did you say?” “I Can’t hear you!”

















“I loved you so much mom, and I miss you just as much!”

Until we see each other again, in heaven…



Ofelia Udave, was a beautiful, smart lady, and my loving mother, and friend for my 60 years of my life.  Mom gave birth to 6 children, 5 girls and one boy, I am number 2 of the 6 children. Mom was married to the same man for 62 years.  My hats off to her, regardless of what kind of married life it was, she stuck it out for us all these years.

Mom was a funny, happy go lucky friendly type of person, patient, smart, crafty, great cook, many a talent she had, and shared it with others,

Mom, was a wonderful cook, she took care of us all the time.  Mom made sure we had the word of God in our lives.  We first went to the Seventh Day Adventists, then off to the Baptist Church, then finally we became Born-Again Christians and mom attended The Abundant Living Faith Center for 30 years.  She was in the Children’s ministry for 15 years, then in the Choir for 15 more years.  God was always first with mom, and no one, and I mean no one, was able to take her away from the God she loved and served.

Mom, worked for a few years of her life, she was an Avon sales lady for 15 years, and then she was Cashier for the Sunland Park Race Track Cafe, in New Mexico.  Mom was also, a school bus driver. Mom loved to make crafty things, like earrings, bracelets, etc.  Mom taught us all how to cook, sew, crochet, knit, etc.  Mom had many talents, but back to her cooking of which she blessed so many people throughout her lifetime.  Mom made everything from scratch, never from a box; she made some of her own menus.  Changed recipes that were given to her to make them even tastier for all of us.  Mom showed me that not because I had been born with a walking disability,(polio) did it mean I could not be a normal living person, doing most things anyone else could do.  So off to take out the trash, wash dishes, etc.  Thanks mom for all that training and making me the Godly Woman I am today….

Mom was a grandma, and spiritual mother to many in the choir, who had lost their moms, or grandma’s. 

Thank you Lord for sharing mom with all of us, although there are many things I don’t understand of her relocating onto your thrown of grace, and happiness and healing.

I look forward to seeing mom again, and in the meantime she must singing in the heavenly choir along with her friends and with Carlitos, from the Mariachi Rosa De Saron, and other who have gone before us.

May we all, who are left behind for now, have peace, as they must be having fun with our God in heaven.  AMEN!